In-Kennel Training

This intensive “live in” program is a great way to fast track your dogs training.

Whats involved

Through multiple training sessions per day including exercise, socialisation and walks out and about your dog will receive professional attention focusing on behaviours you will use in real life situations.

What they will learn

Your dog will learn the foundations of obedience and manners which will then enable you to easily continue the training, even with a hectic lifestyle. Your dog becomes part of our family.

2 or 4 Weeks program

A program is developed to suit your individual dogs requirements of obedience/manners or behavioural concerns. This may include the following; Loose leash, walking, heel, sit/stay, down/stay, recall, place exercise and everyday manners. All commands are proofed with distractions. Prices include full boarding, instruction manual, love and cuddles and a tasty holistic wet and dry menu

Puppy Vacation

Follow your dogs day to day activities and progress on social media, as well as sharing your dogs vacation with friends and family.

Why Choose Kylie?

EXPERIENCE – with over 10 years experience as a veterinary nurse your beloved companion will be in safe hands

LIFESTYLE – all training programs are developed to fit any lifestyle  and satisfy your breeds natural instincts.

TRUSTWORTHY – Kylie has worked with many different canines in her life and she has yet to receive any negative feedback at all.

PASSION- Kylie is a very passionate trainer, she has worked in the industry for over 10 years and still loves it immensely.

To find out more information about Kylie’ In-Kennel Training program