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Puppy Program - High Demand so Book Early

Suitable for new puppies from 8 weeks of age

Wanting more than just a puppy playgroup for your new puppy? Do you want to avoid a lifetime of fixing all the little mistakes you made at the start? Then your in the right place! The first 16 weeks will shape your puppies future and you only get one chance at this critical developmental stage. Kylie removes all the stress of puppy raising with practical advice that is uncomplicated and makes sense. Stop scrolling through pages of conflicting advice online or suggestions from friends and family. Work with Kylie a Professional Canine Trainer for clear guidance and support with your puppy. Kylie will explain the psychology of dogs so you can understand your puppy better, creating an amazing bond, lasting relationship and most importantly a happy dog in all situations.

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Program inclusions

Our Intensive Puppy Programs are our deluxe version of 'Puppy Preschool'. It's a great way to start and will provide the whole family with private tuition as well as socialisation classes. Learn all you need to know to get your puppy started in becoming the best dog you’ve ever had with a program to suit the experienced dog owners wanting to learn new training methods or avoid past mistakes to the first time dog owners needing that extra support and guidance.

We recommend a structured and intensive program tailored to your individual puppy and lifestyle, to guide and support you through this crucial life stage. We understand raising a puppy is different for everyone so we offer a premium service with different options.

This is no generic program - it is tailored to your lifestyle and your puppies’ individual needs and specific breed instincts. Your whole program will be delivered by Kylie a Professional Canine Trainer which will ensure continuity throughout the entire process.

Preparing for the arrival of your new Puppy - Zoom call/ In-home visit with Kylie

Sometimes a new puppy is not always the fairytale we expect it to be and I commonly get calls from stressed puppy owners ready to return their beloved ball of fluff to the breeder feeling they have made the wrong decision. This can all be avoided by doing a little preparation before your puppy arrives.

All puppies are different but there are guidelines that can be implemented on the day your puppy arrives to get puppy settled in your environment fast and stress free for all involved. Raising a puppy is like bringing home a new baby its not easy but with some support, guidance and some simple pre puppy preparation this journey can be easily managed.

Doing things right from the moment you bring your puppy home can avoid sleepless nights, separation anxiety, soiling your expensive rug and unexpected time off work.

Kylie offers a zoom session to give you all this information in the comfort of your home or even at the office if you are pushed for time. You can sit back enjoy the arrival of your new friend knowing that training is already headed in the right direction.

Private Sessions in your home with Kylie

These sessions can start as soon as you bring your puppy home regardless of vaccination status. It will set you and your puppy up with the skills, tips and tricks to create a trusting bond and respectful relationship right from the start. Learn how the professionals raise their pups to avoid those problematic and frustrating parts of puppy raising.

Learn all you need to know to get your puppy started in becoming the best dog you’ve ever had!

Start training before your puppy has completed its vaccinations.

Advice on helping your new puppy adjust to its new home and feel secure and safe

Minimise the sleepless nights of owners due to unsettled behaviours and toileting accidents

How to start leaving your puppy home alone

Puppy proofing your home to avoid destructive behaviour

Advice on toilet training, jumping up, meeting guests and puppy mouthing

Managing a new puppy and young children

Identifying toxic and harmful plants in your garden.

Creating clear communication between human and canine

Homework for you to continue between sessions

Learn what not to do with your new pup that may lead to problems in the furure

Sessions at our Purpose built Training FieldPrivate Training with Kylie

Start getting your puppy out in a safe new environment to investigate the world safely without overwhelming unpredictability.

True learning needs to occur in an environment with minimal distractions, the foundations of basic obedience, manners and engagement are taught in private sessions with Kylie. This gives owners the tools and knowledge needed to become a confident handler that is able to guide their puppy through life.

Leash handling techniques - Loose leash walking




Boundary Stay

Recall - coming when called

Off leash Manners

Socialisation Classes - Held in 2 Locations for varied exposure

Learn about 'Dog Etiquette'

Reading dog body language

Calm and appropriate interaction with other puppies

How to avoid dog to dog aggression

Appropriate manners when out in public

Creating reliable obedience in distracting environments

Raising a puppy to have a stable and confident attitude in all situations

Having fun with your puppy in new environments

Building confidence for the shy and timid puppies

These classes are structured to allow puppies to thrive despite their size, breed or temperament

Constant support

We understand our clients will have questions specific to their situation throughout raising their puppy so our programs are designed to offer this high level of support. Puppies learn very fast which is great but it also means they can learn unwanted behaviours just as fast. By having regular private sessions owners can ask any questions relating to their situation and puppy and get accurate and consistent advice from Kylie.

Some of our more intensive packages will give you access to our client portal for questions between sessions which is considered a lifeline in puppy raising.

All our programs focus on setting puppies up for a harmonious life by giving thiers owners the skills required to prevent problematic behaviours from developing such as separation anxiety, barking, aggression, destructiveness etc.

Key Training Dates / Schedule

Private sessions can be booked on Tuesday through to Saturdays at convenient times to you.

Socialisation classes are held on Saturday afternoons or Saturday mornings.

Age Requirement

These programs are for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age. We recommend booking early to ensure your puppy doesn't miss out as our bookings can fill fast.

Investing in your puppies training before he/she even arrives home will avoid managing early mistakes, sleepless nights or even that emergency trip to the vet.

We recommend planning early so you can take advantage of our full service, so send us an enquiry with all your pups details and we will send you information and pricing on our programs. There is something to suit everyone.

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