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Group Obedience Classes (UNAVAILABLE)

Suitable for puppies from 5 months.

Our trainers are friendly and approachable who are dedicated to providing results based training using balanced techniques to make obedience exciting. We realise group training is not for all dogs or owners as it creates a very unrealistic controlled environment that you are unlikely to encounter in real life. The common feedback we get from clients who have attended many months of group classes is "my dog is perfect in the classes that I attend but when I walk around our streets or take my dog to the beach it won't listen to a thing I say". Our training is aimed at realistic situations you will encounter on the everyday adventures you want to do with your dog, not attending group classes week after week for the rest of your dogs life!

Group Classes

Through private training we can teach not only your dog but give you a better understanding of how your dogs brain works so you can handle the unpredictability of the realistic world. We will ensure it makes sense in your mind why your current techniques or equipment are not working and how to create a dog that can make better decisions through its ability to problem solving. Like us our dogs are all different and learn differently so it makes sense to create a training program specific to you and your dog.

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