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Group Obedience Classes

Suitable for puppies from 5 months.

Our trainers are friendly and approachable who are dedicated to providing results based training using balanced techniques to make obedience exciting. We realise group training is not for all dogs or owners so this service is not available to new clients so check out our Basic Obedience Foundations first.

Group Classes

Program Details

Group Training is a great way to take your training to the next level and prove your dog's skills in a highly stimulating environment with other dogs.

Dogs need to learn that the expectations required of them while on-leash also apply in the company of other dogs. We believe that to be fair a dog needs to understand these expectations through our 'Basic Obedience Foundations' before exposing them to highly distracting group classes.

After completing foundation training with our trainers, they will advise you when your dog is ready to take the next step. We understand that some owners are nervous about taking this step so it is important that you feel comfortable and confident in our controlled environment of small classes to continue making progress. You may start out feeling nervous and will each week leave the class feeling accomplished and super proud of your canine companion.

Our classes are a 6-week block of consecutive 45 min weekly sessions.

In these classes, you will learn:

  • techniques for controlling excitable behaviour around other dogs
  • techniques to stop explosive lunging on leash
  • polite greetings of strangers and other dogs
  • how to maintain heeling when passing other dogs
  • maintenance of commands around distractions
  • introducing solid stay work

With our trainers already understanding your dog's level and capabilities, you will receive personalised guidance throughout the course along with homework which ensures your dog continues to progress and thrive.

Key Training Dates / Schedule

Please get in touch with us for class times.


Your puppy/dog will need to have completed our Puppy Program or Basic Obedience Foundations.

Age Requirement

This program is suitable for puppies from 5 months of age.

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