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Bringing your Puppy Home - Help!

Pre Puppy Arrival

Sometimes a new puppy is not always the fairytale we expect it to be and this is a very common situation I see from new puppy owners.


All puppies are different and many puppy owners become stressed and concerned when their puppy is not doing what google says it should. I have many puppy owners ringing feeling overwhelmed and in some cases very close to returning their puppy to the breeder. Raising a puppy is like bringing home a new baby its not easy but with some support, guidance and some simple pre puppy preparation this journey can have the fairytale ending.

Doing things right from the moment you bring your puppy home can avoid sleepless nights, unsettled behaviour and unnecessary stress for both the pup and owner.

Kylie offers a zoom session or in-home visit to give you all this information in the comfort of your home or even at the office if you are pushed for time. Appropriate preparation is key!

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