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Specialised Programs

We can customize a program specific to your needs and also offer training in specialized fields. These include things like virtual/remote training, e-collar training, intensive training, therapy and assistance dogs.

Labrador Assistance Dog

Therapy Dog Training.

Therapy Dogs provide therapy to people in need, whether in a nursing home, hospital or even a visit to the dentist. They are trained to comfort people, offer a distraction in unpleasant procedures or just brighten the day of someone in need its also known as Animal-assisted therapy. These dogs are quite different to the role of an Assistance Dog, they do not have public access and are not intended to help their handlers disability. If you have a dog with a stable and social temperament and you love the heartwarming feeling of making others happy perhaps you could make a great Therapy Dog Team.

Assistance Dog Training.

Kylie is qualified under the QLD government's legislation to train and certify Assistance Dogs. Unlike Therapy dogs, Assistance dogs have access to all public areas once certified and are trained to do certain tasks to help their handler through everyday life. This is a very lengthy process, and it's best to contact us if you think this journey may be helpful to you or your loved one.

Virtual Online Training.

We have adapted our training programs to ensure your safety and offer private zoom sessions at convenient times. We also understand that some dog owners may not have access to local trainers, so virtual training is a great option.

Remote Collar Training (E-Collar).

E-collar training is a great tool if used correctly and is not suitable for all dogs.

Intensive Stay and Train. (currently unavailable)

Intensive training with a Professional Trainer can help to lay some solid foundations and get training started. This service is not suitable for all dogs, and an assessment will be required prior. This service is not always available and is dependant on the current workload.

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