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Puppy Day Train (Only available for current clients)

Fast Track Your Puppies' Training.

Group and class sessions provide a safe opportunity to introduce your puppy to others and teach them safe interaction and social skills along with maintaining and reinforcing their manners and obedience.

Puppy Socialisation

Program Details - Day School

In our busy lives sometimes the dog has to take a back seat, we get it! Although the first 12 months is the most important to set our puppy's up for a great start, cementing their obedience and manners, creating positive interactions with other dogs and adjusting to new environments.

We are here to help you by providing a safe learning day school!

Give yourself peace of mind in your busy week knowing your puppy is in Professional care having their current training reinforced and making new friends in our Day training adventure service with Kylie, Kate, Suzanne and Sam.

The fun your puppies' adventure can include:

  • Socialisation with other pups
  • Calm and interactive play
  • Exposure to new environments in public areas
  • Meeting and greeting strangers politely
  • A generalisation of leash manners/heeling
  • A generalisation of Place training in a group
  • Continuation of recall training
  • Appropriate rest time

Key Training Dates / Schedule

Please get in touch with us for class times.


Your puppy will need to have completed the Puppy Program or had a Prior Assessment with us.

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