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Work with an internationally certified professional canine trainer & behaviour specialist, veterinary nurse, and dog lover.

Elite Canine Training & Behaviour is run by Kylie Smith, an internationally certified professional canine trainer and behaviour specialist. Kylie is also an approved trainer under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 (Qld).

Kylie is also a Veterinary Nurse, so you can rest assured your dog's safety is a priority during all dog training classes and sessions.

Kylie is more than just a dog trainer. She is a true professional in her field, passionate about dogs and their wellbeing, and hopes for nothing more than to have our canine companions be more accepted in todays society.

At Elite Canine Training & Behaviour, we focus on building relationships, and providing friendly, realistic dog training.

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Treats and Equipment

We supply treats and other useful things! Let us know if you see something you like.

Ziwi Peak

Crafted to match your dog’s biological needs, these simple air-dried recipes feature 1-2 protein sources. Perfect for all breeds and life stages, especially selective or food-sensitive dogs. Lamb Pure and simple, ZIWI® Peak Lamb is a single protein food, perfectly crafted for dogs of all breeds and

Lamb Puffs

Lamb puffs are a healthy, small, bite size treat that is low in fat. They are natural, and are ideal for large and small dogs alike. They are a dry and crunchy treat, and can be easily broken up into small pieces and so are perfect for training.

Slip Leash

A great tool in teaching your dog appropriate leash manners as well as a versatile leash for any occasion. Its important to remember that all training equipment are tools to help train your dog and should not be relied on. Seek professional advice about using equipment or what might be best for your

Long Leash

This 11m light long leash is a great way to exercise your puppy safely, whilst teaching them to return to you when called or simply abiding by council regulations.

Latest Testimonials

Cassie Lee Munson

★★★★★ Amazing techniques and results! I love that you put each dog on a program specifically suited to the individual. Very effective and lovely to work with. I cannot wait to get more involved and have my best friend showing his best potential. Much love and thank you! See you soon.

Dana and Jacob Morris

When we first met Kylie we were considering giving away one of our dogs as the aggression and fighting became too much. The first session changed the way we looked at the situation and only a couple of months later the relationship between our dogs is the best it's ever been. Thanks, Kylie, your calm and intelligent approach changed our life.

Angela Chalmers

Kylie was literally a lifesaver for my puppy experience with my Spoodle Zara. I had an unwell puppy from the day I brought her home, which made her unsettled and me very anxious, as well as working in healthcare at peak Covid-19. My vet gave me Kylie's details, and from our first conversation, I felt at ease from her reassurance that we could get Zara settled before I returned to work. However, my concerns about expecting a puppy to adjust to my shift work and living in a townhouse complex with no backyard left me questioning if I had made the right choice to get a dog. It was at times a hard road, but with Kylie's guidance and assistance, we were able to train my pup into a calm, clever and adaptable pup who now copes with being left at home for the length of any work shift day or night. To say Kylie went above and beyond is an understatement.........she not only helped with training advice but also aided in calming my anxiety in this process with patience and understanding no matter what my question was. In addition, she adapted her services to suit my requirements by offering training and walks mid-shift, which helped shape Zara into the calm, non-anxious, well-mannered dog that receives comments everywhere we go. As Zara settled into a routine, Sam was also able to continue helping me during long shifts, which meant her training was consistent. In addition, Sam created a strong bond with Zara, and they had a mutual adoration for each other, and it was clear she loved spending time with him. By the time Zara was 8-10 months, we were pretty much self-sufficient. Still, we continued with private sessions to further Zara's training and general fine-tuning and keep in touch with Kylie as she was a wonderful person who made such an impact on our lives. I felt with Kylie that she would always find a solution to any problem, and she was phenomenal support.