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Doggy Day School Program

Fast Track Your Puppies' Training.

Allow us to help you with your puppies' training at our Doggy Day School. We understand life gets pretty hectic but your puppies training cannot be put on standby. We have developed this service to ensure our clients pups continue to thrive by providing continuity in the training they have invested in.

Puppy Socialisation

Program Details - Day School

Doggy Day School Program is an all-inclusive package of full-day sessions over six consecutive weeks plus follow ups. This means that your puppy will benefit from seamless, consistent, and coordinated training. They will join us at Elite Canines each week for intensive training (and some doggie fun!) and then all you need to do is simply keep up the good work during the short time in between.

We are here to help you create your dream dog by providing a safe learning day school!

Give yourself peace of mind in your busy week knowing your puppy is in Professional care having their current training reinforced and making new friends in our Doggy Day School service.

Here's just some of what your pups day might include:

  • Socialisation with other pups
  • Calm and interactive play
  • Exposure to new environments in public areas
  • Meeting and greeting strangers politely
  • A generalisation of leash manners/heeling
  • A generalisation of Place training in a group
  • Foundations of Stay commands
  • Appropriate rest time

Key Training Dates / Schedule

This service is via invite only due to its popularity. You will be notified via email about availability once you commence training with us.


Your puppy will need to have completed the Puppy Program or had a Prior training with us.

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