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Gallery - Doggy Day School

Doggy Day School

What happens at Day Train stays at day train!

Gallery Images - Doggy Day School

Peggy, Colin, Des and Winton off leash training
Teddy, Maisie, Lucy and Marley just hanging out
Puppy Learning at Puppy Day Train
Colin, Des, Winton and Peggy getting to know each other
Kate and Sam doing great training with Bailey, Honey, Soda and Ginger
Zara helping Sugar build confidence
Soda, Lloyd and Dottie looking for lonely treats
Lloyd and Layla learning to be calm
Sadie, River and Reggie playing nicely
Ginger, Soda, Honey and Bailey listening very well to Sam
Casper learning to be calm, Jet learning to be brave and Bailey just being awesome in helping
Casper with Kylie learning to be calm and Ginger being a great role model with Sam
Showing lovely manners at school
Puppy Day Train
Puppy Day Train
Heeling at school
We love heeling at school
Puppy Day Train
Puppy Day Train
Puppy Day Train
Puppy Day Train
Puppy Day Train
Is this Dog School or the Day Spa?
Making friends

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