Basic obedience class

Obedience is a way of life for our canine companions but it shouldn’t be boring. Elite canines will teach you how to make obedience and manner exciting and motivating for you and your dog.
Training with in your dogs ability is important, allow Elite canines to help you find out what motivates your dog and what it is good at to succeed with success.
A friendly and approachable trainer dedicated to providing results-based training using balanced techniques.

Classes consist of:

  • Understanding how your dog learns

  • Handler control around distractions

  • Generalisation of basic obedience

  • Appropriate behaviour around other dogs

  • Consistency of behaviours in all situations

  • Specialised programs

  • Small manageable classes to ensure the best results

  • Times and days to suit everyone’s busy schedule

  • Caters to all breeds from 5 months

  • All levels of ability are welcome

Why Choose Kylie?

EXPERIENCE – with over 10 years experience as a veterinary nurse your beloved companion will be in safe hands

LIFESTYLE – all training programs are developed to fit any lifestyle  and satisfy your breeds natural instincts.

TRUSTWORTHY – Kylie has worked with many different canines in her life and she has yet to receive any negative feedback in any at all.

PASSION- Kylie is a very passionate trainer, she has worked in the industy for over 10 years and still loves it immensely.

If your dog is ready to master obedience then