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Adolescents Puppy Training

Suitable for all dogs 17 weeks and older.

Puppy Preschool has been fun but now you want to get serious and take your puppy to the next level! Or perhaps your dog pulls you like a freight train, won't return when called and just ignores anything you say! We provide results based training using balanced techniques to make obedience fun and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Basic Obedience

Program Details

Follow on from Puppy Preschool

Obedience is a way of life for our canine companions but it shouldn’t be boring. Elite canines will teach you how to make obedience and manners exciting and motivating for you and your dog.

Training within your dog's ability is important, allow us to help you find what motivates your dog and ensure clear communication to create reliability in all situations. We will teach you to have a better understanding of your dog so you no longer have to make excuses for your dogs behaviour but can be proactive in making a change to get the response you desire.

Most young dogs are easily distracted around other dogs so it can be hard to make that transition between puppy play dates and having a reliable dog that can still respond in all situations. Once our puppies reach about 5-6 months their attention span increases and their confidence reaches a level that introduces some adolescent/teenage type behaviour. Starting more formal obedience to create some solid foundations is a great way to prepare them for off leash and distracting public environments.

Through Private training with our professional trainers you will learn:

  • Voice control for your dog
  • Handler control around distractions
  • Loose leash walking
  • Coming when called
  • Strong foundations that will stand the test of distractions
  • Consistency of behaviours in all situations
  • A great transition from Puppy Preschool
  • Times and days to suit everyone’s busy schedule
  • Caters to all breeds from 5 months
  • All levels of ability are welcome
  • Or whatever you want us to teach you and your dog!
  • We recommend at least 3 sessions

Please note this is not a group class.


We welcome all owners wanting to learn the skills to create the best life possible for their canine companion.

Age Requirement

This program is suitable for all dogs 17 weeks and older.

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