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Testimonial from Bianca Hoffman - Griff (Standard Groodle)


Proudly received from Bianca Hoffman - Griff (Standard Groodle)

How we Helped - The Training we Provided

Bianca, Chris and Jill have been dedicated doggy parents before their pup even arrived. I remember our first conversation when Bianca was doing all her research to ensure she had everything planned ahead. We meet via a Puppy Intro Zoom session going through how the first week would look, how to ensure the pup wasn't getting mixed messages and all the questions that way on your mind as a new puppy owner. He completed our Puppy Program with some extra in home sessions to offer support during his adolescents and he is now a much loved member of our Doggy Day School as our gentle giant.

Standard Groodle

The Testimonial Message

Kylie has been amazing to work with. She is extremely talented, professional and passionate about training dogs. We were feeling quite overwhelmed when we got our new puppy Griff. Kylie helped set us up from the very start with excellent advice and guidance that really works. We had a stubborn little puppy who was nervous around other dogs and extremely excitable around people. After completing the puppy program, a few private sessions and consistent weekly day trains we have seen a huge improvement. We have a pup who is much less anxious around other dogs and a lot calmer when greeting new people. We couldn't be happier and will definitely be continuing with Kylies day trains. Griff continues to get so much out of them and its well worth it. Thank you Kylie!
- Bianca Hoffman - Griff (Standard Groodle)
  May 2022

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