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Testimonial from Liz and Jayson


Proudly received from Liz and Jayson

How we Helped - The Training we Provided

Enthusiastic and motivated first-timers are always rewarding clients for me. Liz and Jayson took all advice on board, and no matter what Colin threw at them, they pushed on absorbing all the training they could through our Puppy Program, Puppy Day Trains, Group Obedience and Private sessions when needed. Their dedication shows in Colin now being an enjoyable and well mannered Daschund still with all the spunk he always had!


The Testimonial Message

I wanted to say a big thank you to Kylie for her help with our little Colin - he was a ball of energy... Colin was our first puppy, and our training skills were, to say the least lacking - Kylie showed us how to train by using words, treats and play. Colin absolutely loves his training days with Kylie and the crew. These puppy training days strengthen his skills with being social with the other puppies in the group and reinforce what we had learned. We have no fear of taking Colin anywhere or making new friends when going for walks. We also love that we have a better understanding of what Colin wants and needs and can teach him other little tricks. The best feedback was from family and few friends who have watched Colin behaviour go from a ball of energy to calm in social situations. We could not have achieved this without you, Kylie. So a big big thank you. Liz, Jayson and Colin
- Liz and Jayson
  January 2020

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