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Testimonial from Marlene Mason


Proudly received from Marlene Mason

How we Helped - The Training we Provided

Marlene enrolled Ben in our Puppy Program and then continued with our Puppy Day Trains and our group obedience classes. Beagles can be quite challenging, but Marlene and Noel were so consistent with all aspects of Ben's training he is now such a pleasurable dog!

Marlene and Ben

The Testimonial Message

I’ve known Kylie for 12 months now. Kylie started training my 10 weeks old Beagle puppy Ben in June last year. Ben has completed several group training courses and private lessons. Right from the start, Kylie showed an incredible understanding of dogs. She is patient and kind but firm when needed. At stages, Ben started showing undesirable habits like pulling, barking and lunging. Kylie applied training to correct these bad habits. I now proudly have a very well behaved, happy beagle who is a pleasure to own. I am always receiving compliments on having a well-behaved dog. Well done, Kylie!
- Marlene Mason
  January 2020

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