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Group Classes

Encourage Good Socialisation and Interaction

Group classes are not always important for creating reliable obedience around distractions by proofing skills already learnt. We can ensure your dog learns proper social etiquette and manners, and more importantly, that you are able to maintain control of your dog in more realistic public environments when your dog has the skills required. Group classes are not essential in achieving training results with your dog. We create a plan to suit your dogs temperament, age, stage of training and the owners goals.

Group Training
Group Class at Training Field
Group Training

Our group classes are for our existing clients, we do not allow new clients to attend any of our group sessions. This ensures that the owners and the dogs are ready for this step and allows us to offer a safe environment for everyone to thrive. Our classes are small and based on real life situations that you and your dog will encounter, we believe that large classes are unrealistic which create stress, anxiety and frustration in both dogs and owners.

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