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Training for Owners

The Importance of a Knowledgeable Owner

It's often overlooked but the success you have with your dog is influenced highly by the way you interact with your dog in everyday situations. When we say Training for Owners, we are talking about empowering you with skills and knowledge that will help you be confident with your dog and understand your dog's behaviour better, to build a healthy, respectful relationship between you and your dog. Kylie is passionate about educating owners about dog psychology, body language and behaviour to break down the barriers that can prevent success in training with your canine companion.

"I cant believe how much I learnt about my dog in just one session with Kylie which has completely changed the way I interact with her"

Understanding your dog

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It is a core part of all our training services to help you, as a responsible dog owner, to learn about dog behaviour, psychology and body language, to better understand your dog and communicate clearly. We do not offer temporary 'quick fixes'. Your dog will only ever be as good as the time you put into it and sometimes its the humans that need to change first.

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